Tax Season Just Ended. Is It A Yay? or YAY!!!

Another tax season just ended. Yay? or YAY! Which one was it for you? Was this the second time of the year you got to look back and say YES I CRUSHED 2016 or was is a reminder that another year went by and you still didn’t do that big bucket list item you said you were going to do?

If you are part of the latter, the question I have for you is, how is 2017 going to be different?

What are you going to change?

The truth is that until you decide that you’re going to take massive action, the chances are not much will change.

We all have 168 hours per week. Subtract 56 hours for sleep and you’re left with 112. Subtract 40 hours from that for work and you have 72 hours left. Since you’re in this group, there’s a good chance you’re working over 40 hours per week so let’s say you work 60 hours and now you have 52 hours left.

What are you doing with those 52 hours every week?

The truth is even the greats like Oprah, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet only have the same 168 hours to work with. But they seem to get a lot of their bucket list items completed.

If you have 52 hours per week to work with, what’s holding you back from creating a strategy to conquer your bucket list in 2017? It’s now April so we won’t count the time that has gone by, and let’s say this week and next week are packed for you and you’re going to start in May.

If you were to start May 1, that gives you 35 weeks left in this year with 52 hours per week.

35 x 52 = 1,820

That means you have 1,820 hours left after work and sleep this year starting from May 1st to work on conquering your bucket list.

How are you going to utilize that time?

If you’re at the place where you still don’t know because you don’t know what you really want. Or, you don’t see how it’s possible from where you’re currently standing, please know that this is the reason I am here.

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Let’s make 2017 the year you conquer your bucket list! 

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