Are You Committed To Your Dreams... Or Your Fears?

If you’ve never asked yourself this question, today is the day.

With every day that goes by, you are either moving TOWARD your dreams or away from them. If you’re moving away from your dreams and goals, then you are committing to your fears. If you’re moving towards them, you are committing to your dreams.

A lot of times people feel they need to wait until they are ‘ready’ to start experiencing their highest desires. What if I told you that waiting until you’re ‘ready’ is a belief, sometimes a limiting one, that can be overcome with enough courage.

What if I told you there was no such thing as ‘ready’? What if there was only making the decision to start and figuring out a way to get it done?

A lot of people feel challenged with this because they don’t know where to start.

Take John for example. John wanted to retire in 10 years but he didn’t know if he had enough money. So, in working with John, the first place I started was not with how much money he had saved, but with WHY he wanted to retire?

This is a little known secret, but most people within 2-5 years of retirement end up with an empty feeling because there are only so many games of golf and cruises they can go on. (This empty feeling and lack of activity causes our bodies to deteriorate and our minds to decay.)

The reason I asked why John wanted to retire was to see if there was a desire to simply stop working altogether OR was he simply unhappy with his current career/lifestyle choice.

See, as humans, we can get so busy and caught up IN our own world that we never work ON our world.

What I mean by that is we don’t spend enough time designing the life we would love to live and possibly never retire from.

After hearing John’s answer, it was evident that he did not want to simply quit and do nothing in 10 years but after 20 years of working in a job he hated, he figured in 10 years he would have just enough money in his investments to quit and do nothing.

Most people have never thought they can have a life so well designed and filled with activities we enjoy that simply retiring so we can do nothing seems silly.

Let me tell you, it is real and it is possible. If you are struggling to design your life so that you have all the financial abundance you need to live the life you want, I would love to help you create your map to freedom with a FREE 60 minute Breakthrough Session.

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