How To Plan For Too Much Money In Retirement

Do you feel like you paid too much in taxes this year?

I can relate.

Before I understood comprehensive financial planning, I was only taking advice from my CPA on taxes.

While I love CPA's (especially when they save me taxes) many CPA's only think about now and how little they can pay in taxes this year. They don't think about 10, 20 or 30 years from now when you are heading into retirement, for example.

Most of the CPA's want to defer as much tax as possible with the hope that you'll be in lower tax bracket later.

This may work if you don't save much year-to-year or you plan to retire early and have low income. But, with people expected to start living until they are 130-150 years old, working until we're 65 and calling it quits just won't be a reality for everybody.

If you are a good saver, you could also be penalized if you put all your money in your 401k. There's a rule called required minimum distributions (RMD's). RMD's are the amount you MUST take out of your IRA or 401k when you turn 70.5.

If you defer too much of your retirement in pre-tax vehicles, this can be a HUGE problem later.

This is especially troublesome for business owners that want to (or have to) work past 70.5. If you own a company, you must take those distributions even if you're still working. What that means is your distributions will come out at your HIGHEST tax bracket. Just the OPPOSITE of what most CPA's expected.

This is why you want to have a tax bucket strategy.

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