When You Feel Like Money Is The Reason You’re Not Able To Get What You Want Right Now.

When You Feel Like Money Is The Reason You’re Not Able To Get What You Want Right Now.

Fear of poverty or lack of money is possibly the #1 reason people don’t go after what they really want. We either fear the short term of not being able to pay our bills and ending up on the street or the long term of not saving enough for retirement and that we’ll have to rely on our kids or eat dog food to survive. RARELY are these the actual case when people go after their ultimate bucket list items.

The truth is, barring a unique tragedy, most people end up not achieving their biggest dreams BECAUSE they DIDN’T go after what they really wanted. Instead of taking the life and career risks to go after something that’s so deep in their heart’s core, and pursuing something they can become the best on Earth at, they decide to play it safe and take a j-o-b that keeps them just-over-broke. And because of the lack of passion for their work, they never become the top in their field. 

When people that have higher incomes are living in fear of money, they choose behaviors that keep them small instead of living life full out.

People go through life with a void that they try to fill with ‘things’ that never ultimately make them happy. Do I want you to have luxury cars and a huge house with a beautiful view? ABSOLUTELY. But I want you to purchase them as a result of living your purpose not as a replacement for it.

Is retirement really your goal?

Is your goal to save and invest enough money over the next 10,20 or 30 years so you can sit and do nothing?

If this is the case, may I suggest to you that something may be broken and there is a more positive, fulfilling way of thinking that will pay much higher dividends now, versus ‘someday’ which is not a day on any calendar.

What if you were to create a life that gave you what you wanted now? A life so full that stopping work completely is not a thought that crosses your mind?

What would that feel like for you to wake up every day and feel energized to achieve whatever goal you have set out?

What would it feel like for Mondays to be a day you were so looking forward to that you went to bed early every Sunday because you were so excited to start the week and achieve the next step in your life’s plan?

While this may sound ‘crazy’ or unrealistic to those that have never had this thought. I can assure you there are millions of people that have created the life they want now instead of waiting for the day when they have enough money to quit and do whatever they want to do ‘someday’ later.

I assure you this is possible. But, only if you believe it is. There’s a good chance you’re working for a company and every Monday is a day where you plan to achieve your company's targets, but not your own. 

Your targets are second and are only pursued ‘if you have time.’

If this is you, make today the day you change your thinking.

Even if you don’t believe me, or cannot see it yet. Make today the day you say “I am going to put my personal goals first starting now.” Write this down. Say it out loud 3 times. Put this thought into the universe.

But be ready. Be ready for the resistance that will come. If you’ve never tried something like this exercise before, be ready for the resistance to tell you that you’re being silly, that you can’t take any time for yourself or your goals, or that living the life you want starting now is not possible for whatever reasons may come up. (Usually it’s fear of lack of money, fear of ill health, or embarrassment of putting yourself out there like this) Know that these thoughts are normal and they are the same forces that have kept you from living full out up until this point.

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